Now that my children are grown and have children of their own, my interests flow elsewhere. I am concerned about the health of the planet and the things I can do in order to bring about a healthy planet for my great-grandchildren. 

Theism and capitalism fail profoundly. They both build their foundations upon principles that create disease, overpopulation, income gaps between rich and poor. My role becomes one of seeking out better ways to empower flourishing of people and planet. 

The younger generation will not hear me until and unless they reach the tipping point and begin to look for better ways to survive the challenges confronting them. They don’t realize, yet, that a tipping point exists, that conflicts rise, and different ways of confronting those conflicts will surely include the use of force and violence.

Force is not the answer to solving problems of world hunger, disease, overpopulation, income gaps. Injecting seeds with GMOs will only exacerbate the problems of weeds and pests.   Diversity of opinion will test each one, and they will need to be able to explore options without killing each other. 

Chaos is the sign that something is out of balance. Religion and capitalism attempt to force people into belief systems that proved throughout past performances that they don’t work, they create violence and result in wars. Being able to see the chaos as an opportunity takes insight, strength of conviction, ability to persuade and perseverance to reach a healthy goal. 

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