The Girl Who Changed Pakistan: Malala Yousafzai

It is so easy to nourish learning because the joys can be profound. Whether it is learning how to count, or say the alphabet, or read to book, or write a paper, or doing a chore well, pleasure comes from doing such things.
Today at the grocery store there was a little boy running around counting to five: "one, two, three, four, five" he gleefully pronounced. I asked how old he is and the held up three fingers and said "three" and resumed his recital. That kind of joy can be had by every child, even in the coldest or hottest places or sea level or high in snow covered mountains. Children learn the things they need to know and enjoy it.


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I am very please you are part of this discussion. Ideas will blossom here like a garden with right amounts of food and water and sun. A splendid adventure awaits 

I do hope she gets what she wants - she deserves it!

And we should all be alert when we hear: 'You don't need to know that.' Even if it's said kindly, it's a sure sign of danger.




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