94% of the Fortune 1000 are seeing coronavirus supply chain disrupt...

A new Dun & Bradstreet study estimates that 163 of the Fortune 1000 have tier 1 suppliers—those they do direct business with—in the area. And 938 have tier 2 suppliers, which feed the first tier.

"That's where it becomes troubling," Nelson said. "It's going to be that [item] where only one plant is qualified to make that and it's going to interrupt a whole production line."

Full text in reddit comment here. (for those who don't subscribe to Fortune)

Supply chain disruption is already hitting our medical system. "The U.S. is facing a potentially severe shortage of surgical masks due to the coronavirus outbreak in China..."

Some hospitals such as Mt. Sinai are already limiting surgical masks to particular departments such as "intensive care units, divisions involved in infection prevention and emergency departments."

Mask shortages threaten US hospitals after warnings ignored

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