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I am reposting this information because it is basic economics presented in an easy to understand way that will help face changes taking place in our economy and what one needs to do to stay ahead. Many of you have read this before and I think you found it enlightening.

I am especially interested now because of the very high debt taken on by US government and private debt. Armed with information, one can make better decisions.

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Info is very useful, and it can turn you into a doom prepper or something else people laugh at. It certainly asks quite a lot resourcefullness when you try to be more self-supporting on a small income and live in an apartment. But there is some progress... 

Yes, I know, some people laugh at such information. Well, I hope they will file away the information and pull it out when they think they might be able to use it. My grandkids think they are going to have a life as I and their parents have, not realizing the kinds of discipline we used.  Right now they are looking at expensive jewelry and bigger trucks. We wonder what they will do when the price of gas goes up again. They will learn.




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