CJ Werleman: What The Corporate Totalitarian State Means for Humanism (The Thinking Atheist)

On April 12th, 2014, CJ Werleman spoke in San Diego, California to a standing-room-only crowd at the VisionPulse Creative Event & Meeting Center. His presentation, titled "What The Corporate Totalitarian State Means for Humanism," dealt with the Religious Right, runaway corporate power and the implications Big Money has on the fight for secular and humanist values. [from YouTube]

When it takes an Aussie to tell Americans what's wrong with their country, you have to KNOW we're in deep sneakers.  Give a listen to the following, then you tell me.


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Thanks for posting.  I've been hearing this embarrassing litany for years.  Most obscene of all is the amount this country spends on war -- a trillion on Iraq, and the place is still a chaotic shithole, The only difference is that all these things get worse.  The corporate overlords don't give a shit what Aussies (or Michael Moore, or anyone else) says, because they long ago bought off the politicians. And with a constant treadmill of work and consumerism, they've achieved a degree of compliance and apathy that Hitler or Stalin would envy.

And I keep hearing about "revolution" (been hearing about it since Jefferson) -- but where's it going to come from?   The govt. has all the guns.  My suggestion has always been a third party dedicated to limited, Constitutional government, elimination of the income tax and drug war, vastly reduced military, and a government of, by, and for the people.

Such a party already exists: the Libertarians.  But the corporate oligarchy has such a lock on this country that it will take at least one (and probably more) of the three C's to bring about real change: cash (we need a Libertarian with tons of money), celebrity (it would be great if he/she didn't have to spend billions just to tell people who he/she is, e.g., Jon Stewart), and crisis (the government defaults, the economy crashes, etc.).  #3 is the most likely.  The current situation is unsustainable.

Thanks, CJ. The best parts in my opinion were:

  • Corporations contribute the lowest percentage of total tax revenues to the federal government ever.
  • We have a minimum wage in this country which is equal to 1969 levels.
  • Some corporations make fifty thousand dollars a year from the poor person being in jail.
  • Every single person in here is subsidizing the wealthiest corporation in america with your fucking tax dollars, i.e. reverse robin hood.
  • America needs a radical populous economics moment to offer countervailing power to corporate America.


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