Is the governor of your state suckling at the fossil fuel industry teat, while climate disasters whack citizens? As a Pennsylvanian, I'm ashamed to say mine is.

... over 77 percent of all oil and gas contributions are being funneled to governors who are outspoken about their disbelief in climate science. On average, climate deniers have taken $1,072,397, while the remainder of governors have only taken an average of $126,373.

While the oil and gas industry is able to reap the benefits, local communities and taxpayers are suffering the dire long-term consequences. Combined, the states who are represented by climate deniers have suffered from 167 climate-fueled extreme weather events that required a presidential disaster declaration in 2011 and 2012. This has cost the federal government, and therefore taxpayers, almost $17 billion in cleanup costs. [emphasis mine]

What Every Governor Really Believes About Climate Change, In One Ha...

The article has an interactive map with more information.

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