An analysis of the 200 largest companies and the 75 most powerful trade associations found that 90% of companies attack good climate policy anonymously, hiding behind their trade groups.

Report: 90 Percent of World’s Largest 200 Industrial Firms Are Usin...

Analysis by InfluenceMap, a UK-based think tank, examined the lobbying activities of 200 of the world’s biggest companies and 75 of the most powerful trade groups and the links between them since December 2015.

It found that 30 percent of all companies analysed have directly lobbied against climate policy in the last three years and that 90 percent of them retain membership to trade associations which have actively opposed climate policy around the world.  

…the research highlights the key role trade associations continue to play in influencing policy-makers and watering down climate policy. 

trade associations are doing the “dirty work” and lobby for much stronger positions than their members support in public.

A lot of the worst lobbying activities are being increasingly outsourced to trade groups

In Europe, lobbyists tend to be more focused on the small print and the technical details of legislation debated in the corridors of the European Commission. This is how a lot of legislation gets watered down without the public understanding what is happening,”…

If climate policy succeeds, it will be tough on the fossil fuel industry who will be out of business. But they represent about 10 percent of the market.

“If climate policy fails, the remaining 90 percent of the market will have its interest damaged. The fossil fuel industry is effectively eating the lunch of the rest of the financial sector,”… [emphasis mine]

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While the fossil fuel industries are bullying other big businesses within trade associations, they're all ganging up to bully everyone alive.

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Ruth, our doing stuff like that illustrates nicely that sociopathy is the default, and that a name such as “homo not yet sapiens” would more accurately describe us.




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