A coalition including Occupy activists (and supported by the Green Party candidate) is demanding that the presidential debates include not just Obama and Romney, but every qualified candidate with a "minimal level of support" -- meaning everyone who is on enough ballots to win, and who has qualified for federal matching funds and/or received at least 1% in a "credible national poll". This would include the Green and Libertarian candidates.

They are asking people to sign a statement:

... We call on the national news media, the League of Women Voters, and every other civic organization that speaks up for the rights of regular people to organize a 2012 presidential debate that includes all the qualified candidates.

We call on the Commission on Presidential Debates to change its arbitrary rules to include all the qualified contenders. And we urge our fellow Americans to rise up and demand democracy in our presidential elections, beginning today with the presidential debates. These debates belong to the people, not the politicians or Wall Street.

Signers include Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Medea Benjamin of Code Pink.

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My initial reaction: I'd like to see inclusive debates. They might be good for nudging the Overton window past the centrist positions that pass for progressive these days.

But as for my vote...

Given the danger of a "Nader effect" leading to "god's own party" appointing Supreme Court justices that would cause lasting damage for decades, I will vote for the (much) lesser of two Republocrat weevils -- unless and until we have a preference voting system like Instant Runoff Voting, or some superior alternative.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has a graphic:

Signed! Thanks for this.

It would include the Modern Whig Party as well.


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