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Do you remember "McCarthyism"?  It describes reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as dangerous, inflammatory, provocative, demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries. Citizens of USA were so thoroughly traumatized by McCarthyism, fables became facts, propaganda replaced reality, fear became normal.

There are those who believe Ayn Rand and her ideas about individualism, ethical egoism (rational self-interest), individual rights, and laissez-faire capitalism, i.e. Alan Greenspan, Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, Mark Sanford, and others.

There are those who believe each and every individual has certain rights, according to the Declaration, and Jefferson added:

"Government should restrain men from injuring one another." 

What strategy is necessary to overcome the power of corporations-as-persons? 

1. Don't go into debt

2. Invest in concrete assets (productive land, precious metals, local goods and services,  not promises on paper. 

3. Stop voting for puppets of corporations, not state currencies. 

4. Buy locally. 

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Joan, I love your topics.  Have your read "End the Fed" by Ron Paul?

BTW, a couple of years ago I read "One Nation Under Debt" by Robert E. Wright.  I am going to re-read it as a refresher course on what is going on today.

Joan, are you familiar with Agenda 21?  I found out about it over the weekend on Coast to Coast. 

I think ultimately we'll have to reinvent economics and money far more drastically in order to achieve sustainability. We need a second independent currency that counters the effect of profit-making to externalize costs to others such as workers and consumers and to nature. My suggestion is reproduction rights, automatically granted equally to every world citizen, but in a fraction which represents the number of offspring the planet could support. So the more we destroy the Earth and the more people there are to share the rights, the smaller fraction each individual gets. This currency would have to be managed by a universal information system, every person on Earth would have to have access. People could join together in whatever way they choose to get a whole right to produce one child. Balance must be built in by having an economics with checks and balances.

Some groups here have invented their own local currency - called NOPPES, a word for nothing, but it is not the only local currency. It works within groups: e.g. you help or teach someone, clean a car, cut someone's hair or work in someone's garden and you earn Noppes and then you have the right to ask the group for things you need, help or lessons. It works very well in small communities, but it also shows what we have lost in the 20th century: al this came without thinking some decennia ago and it makes me feel uncomfortable that this had to be re-invented. 


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