GOP climate-science deniers threaten national defense

Paul B. Farrell, a Wall Street Journal's Market Watch old white guy, objects to Republican denialism impairing national defense.

I’m mad as hell. The GOP used to be the party of national defense. No more. ... Last week 227 of 231 GOP members of the House voted to turn the Pentagon into climate-science deniers, a decision certain to weaken national security. That’s about as absurd as telling Silicon Valley they can’t use technology.

... the GOP-dominated House just voted to limit the Pentagon’s ability to defend America, by preventing military planners from using any strategic research the military’s been gathering for years about threats to national security.

These research programs, ongoing and widely used by the Pentagon in strategic national defense planning for many years, could, if the Senate agrees, become illegal to use. Yes, this Marine veteran is mad as hell. GOP science deniers have “crossed the line,” they’re now messing with national security. America is now under attack from an enemy within, irrational science denialism, a toxic mind-set, a spreading, self-destructive mental virus. Yes, this is a “War on America.” [latter emphasis mine]

It's about time! Farrell even identifies science denialism as a mind virus.

"America is under attack from the Republican party." He gets it! *Glimmer of hope*

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The Republicans have a confusing combination of positions.  There doesn't seem to be any logic to it.

There's no reason why limited government, personal responsibility, personal freedom and free market competition, which are often excellent ideas, should have any relation to gay marriage or abortion or climate denialism or putting lots of people in prison or the death penalty or criminalizing recreational drug use. 

I really appreciate some aspects of conservatism and find others to be grossly oppressive.  I wish there was a Party of Good Sense :)




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