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Some may want to talk about "gay" marriage, immigration, birthplace of a candidate, “legitimate” rape and all the other irrelevant issues created to distract us from what REALLY matters in this election. MONEY affects everyone; it is the basis of our lifestyles. It is a life and death issue that we foolishly ignore. 

Some may feel entitled to all kinds of beliefs and opinions, but our actual need is facts, verifiable, reliable facts.   

Some may want to drill, baby, drill without consideration of the economic and environmental consequences, however that is highly unlikely to give the desired results.

Some may believe growth is our only option without ever taking into account exponential growth, without regard for Earth’s capacity to carry such loads.

These are just a few of the topics Martenson covers in “Crash Course.” He lays out a statement of the problems facing us, presents a vision of a preferred future, offers some options to make significant changes, an action plan for individuals and organizations to put into play, and a way to evaluate if we reach our goals.

Chris Martenson 

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Again, there is no "Reply" so I will send this in response to your roof garden. It is so beautiful; looks like a ground level world in the clouds. Do you have a bird in your birdhouse? You will have a splendid place to feel part of nature's living things. 

Box gardening is a wonderful way to garden, especially as I get older. Mine are less than 4' wide and raised, so I don't have to bend over so far to weed and pick strawberries. 

It looks like you have lots of color and textures in the plants already there. Please keep me up to date on your project. 

I like your "advice I've picked up so far". These are doable, responsible and even interesting things to do. 

I had training in Learning and Language Disability at the undergraduate level. I loved that work and taught at the elementary and secondary levels in public schools. 

After completing my Master's Degree I spent a couple of years working with boys who were placed in boys' ranches by the juvenile justice system because of behavior problems. My job was to coordinate training the boys in communication, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution. I developed a program for the parents of these boys so that boys would return to their homes with families that had better interpersonal skills. I also worked in our local prison through a college program where prisoners were coming from hard-core prisons after long incarcerations preparing them for the "outside" world. This involved living skills and I developed a "tool box" of skills each prisoner had to master before he/she was released. 

The more contact I had with troubled boys and their families, convicted felons, and with battered women and children, the more I realized that religion played an important role in their belief systems that served them poorly. I completed a doctoral program at Gonzaga University and developed a training manual called "A Splendid Heresy" to challenge beliefs of domination/submission, obedience/self-agency, self/other in relationship, thinking/action planning. These were successful with clients but not with the Roman Catholic church and I was not awarded my PhD. One of the priests on my dissertation committee told me I accurately identified the problems and remedies, but my theory and remedies opposed catholic thinking. 

That is very useful and interesting work and you put a lot of yourself in it! I take my hat off to you! And I understand that you didn't get a PhD because the university is Catholic; it's always so strange how they take leave of normal thinking when you approach one of their 'heilige huisjes' , their dogmas. To admit that you're right and to reject your solution because of their religion - they call that scientists? And was there no normal university in sight to complete your PhD? Those people can make me so angry.

I'm coming back later in the day (Monday 7:30 now) , first a lot of chores and then I'll watch the TEDvideo.



I'm replying to your comment, Chris, because we ran out of "Reply". 

I made the decision to not pursue an actual PhD degree because I ran out of funds and I had no intention of teaching in a university. I continued doing what I had been doing with the skills I learned from  all three universities. I have never regretted that decision. 



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