Dammit! When I Was a Kid Why Didn't Someone Tell Me That Psychopaths/Sociopaths Run the World????

Okay, that's a bit of overstatement but I was finishing eighth grade when WW2 ended. I read of the Holocaust and what the world's other tyrants did, and was disgusted that throughout history we have chosen the insane to govern us.

I push all that into a compartment in my head and go back to doing what other eighth grade boys do. In my spare time I go high school. Skipping a few years, one afternoon in 1975 I'm sitting across a desk from a member of the US congress and listening to his spin. I'm amazed that the guy is telling me what I want to hear! How does he know? I'm suspicious enough to disbelieve him. Lucky in work if not in love, I retire at 45 and start studying psychopathy/sociopathy.

To everyone who will listen I summarize with, "No wonder people elect them! They are smooth!"

To myself I say, "Xians don't need Satan to explain the harm that some of us do to everyone they can. We evolved from pond scum, and the big often get away with eating the small. Some of those guys on Wall Street did."

Because so many people use the words psychopath and sociopath to describe people they don't like, professional folk have named the problem Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

I found a summary of Robert Hare's PCL-R (Psychopath Check List - Revised) and replied honestly to its questions.

You do the same. About 95 out of every hundred of us will score too low to attract the sheriff's attention. No one has an endless and unvarying supply of empathy, so count on scoring higher than zero.

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