One of the disadvantages of not reading commercial news, picking and choosing those topics that interest me, I miss the grim and grotesque of modern life such as the Craig's List Murderer. 

Finding words of self-expression, listening for feeling and meaning from those around me,  seeing problems and exploring ways to solve them, hearing conflict and knowing there are civilized ways to find common ground, all make it unbearable to read of the event described.

There is no heaven or hell, there is here and now.

There is no god and no devil, there are opportunity and possibility to discover for ourselves.

There is no super-being that loves us unconditionally, there is the power to love ourselves.

There is no one to tell us our purpose in life, there is the challenge to discover for ourselves.

There is no being sacrificing in redemption of our wrongdoing, we are accountable for whatever we think and do. 

There is no power to think for us and guide us, that is our responsibility. 

There is no paradise, we have all we need to participate in life with our full capacity and find ways to rejoice in being alive, working toward goals, sharing with family and friends, thinking for ourselves and knowing we are part of something so full of wonder, beyond our wildest imagination that we can stand in awe, feeling the sun on our bodies, and basking in the moon glow reflection of the sun off the moon. What more could we possibly want or need? 

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