When retired admiral John Nathman took to the stage in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention to pay tribute to the USA’s veterans (with fifty-one on stage with him), he was framed by a massive projection of four hulking warships to punch home his patriotic message, and seven F-5 fighters flying overhead.

Unfortunately, Navy Times staff writer Sam Fellman discovered something: the four warships were of the Russian Federation navy, of the Black Sea Fleet. The fighters were actually pasted into the photo, fighters of the Turkish flight demonstration squadron. Navy Times reports on the “Clint Eastwood moment” of Admiral Nathman.

With photos of the convention hall showing the Russian warships and the admiral giving his speech in Charlotte, the full story at: http://www.navytimes.com/mobile/news/2012/09/navy-russian-warships-...

The link has the full article, and a further link to the Democrat's apology. The Dems say the photo was provided by a subcontractor, and it is possible the admiral was unaware of it, as he was addressing the convention, not looking at the projection. The DNC says they are trying to get to the bottom of how the photo made it into the display.

On the Navy Times Website, readers are lamenting how the Dems do not have a clue about the military or veterans.

James in Wyobraska, AT1, USN (retired-disabled, and Navy Times subscriber)

"This isn't right. This isn't even wrong."
Wolfgang Pauli's response after reading a colleague's paper, quoted in The Successful Toastmaster: A Treasure Chest of Introductions, Epigrams, Humor, and Quotations (1966) by Herbert Victor Prochnow

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I missed that Clint Eastwood speech - but I hear it talked about. Will have to find it on You Tube.



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