"Orlov recently co-authored a stark warning with a number of other experts on Russia, concerned that the US is recklessly provoking a military confrontation it cannot win."

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Denials of a failed capitalist/oligarchy, the denials of climate change, and denials of the takeover of major forms of media, and the scapegoating begins at full pace.

Dmitry Orlov: The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation

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Joan, most men, college-age and older, play poker. Winning requires an ability to bluff, to make others in the game believe they have stronger hands than they really have.

I've played it, and during one game a kid I'd gone to school with, and who would go to law school, looked across the table at me and said "Tom doesn't have a bluffing bone in his body." At that very moment I was bluffing! I have since then wished a camera had been filming me.

US negotiators are not sleepwalking; they have read The Art of War and are in a game they want to win.

It's a guy thing.

Is this guy's argument even coherent?  I haven't listened to the actual podcast, but what does climate-change denial have to do with anything?

This guy must also be viewing the US media from the outside.  We have Faux News, MSNBC, the daily-broadcast-news channels (which I haven't paid attention to in years), CNN, and the some major, outside wingnuts like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.

Does Orlov really think that all of those disparate sources can be welded together by the government to push for nuclear war?  That's what it sounds like he's implying.  What else does he think that the takeover of major media will accomplish that would lead to nuclear war, besides its use by the government?

Can you explain any of this, Joan?  It sounds pretty cracked.

Joseph, the guy doesn't make reference to a failed capitalist/oligarchy, climate change, the takeover of primary forms of media, and scapegoating. That is my lament about the craziness of current affairs. It just seems that if people would just sit down with a nice cup of tea and a crumpet or biscuit and discuss things, the world would be a better place. 

So, we have capitalism that proves to be a flawed political system because of the systemic booms and busts. 

Climate change is a fact; some will say it is human caused, and others say it is natural cycles; It isn't difficult to find out which of those two has the highest probability of being true. However, there are still others who deny climate change altogether. Is this insanity, stubbornness, laziness, or what? 

Corporate take over of media has nothing to do with this guy's report; it is my whine that it is hard work to get accurate reporting. You can send me some cheese to go with my whine if you want. 

Scapegoating falls all over the place when faced with these kinds of tensions. If it isn't the Chinese, it is the Germans, or the Irish, or the Mexican, or the homosexuals, or women, or who knows what else becomes the scapegoat. Can't people just stop, breathe, think, and then speak and act? 

I guess my way of conflict resolution is a girl thing.

Ah, gotcha.  Just a list of things that you find depressing.

I thought that this guy was trying to string all of those disparate things together into some sort of causal chain ... or at least trying to form them into a vaguely associated group.  I think I follow, now.

Do I need an interpreter?

An interpreter for what?

For men's behaviors, I think she means.

We men are simple creatures: sex and beer.

Sex, drugs, and Rock 'n Roll.  Well, as Meatloaf said, two out of three ain't bad.

Of course I only have one of the three, which is actually pretty bad.

And actually I can't stand beer.  Give me 80+ proof, or don't bother.




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