Documentaries on politics in Washington, D.C.


Charles Ferguson, director:

“Inside Job”

“No End in Sight”. 

Eugene Jarecki:

“Why We Fight”, winner of the Grand Jury prize, Sundance Film Festival.


Francis Megahy, Veteran documentary director:

“The Best Government Money Can Buy”,

“One Pair of Eyes”,

“Big Fish, Little Fish”,

“Death of an Informer”,


I agree with what he stated, even to the point of agreeing with his statement,

 “I actually fell for all the lofty rhetoric about “Hope and Change”.
But then the cold light of Reality set in and I was gradually able to separate, Fact from Fiction, the fairy tales from the truth.”

~Lee Ellis

To read Lee Ellis’ comment on Facebook go to

“The truth is out there and the truth can make you free- but only if you are willing to get informed with and learn the facts.”

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