Kilkenomics 2012: Max Keiser & Pat Kenny

Vultures of the European economic collapse, treat countries as "fodder for Wall Street". "We have turned the corner and ran into a brick wall." The plan intended to break economies, it would take 10 to 15 years for the collapse, but the collapse was the intention. Some understood the intent and the consequences of agreeing to the European bank. Early warning signs were not heeded, they were denied, and the gullible continue on a Boom ... to a Bust. "A massive fraud!" "Please rape me, then ask for a hug!" Those USA/Wall Street politicians/ bankers who planned the collapse are still in office and those who implemented the plan continue to practice their fraud. 

Kilkenny, Ireland, Kilkenomics Festival, November 1-4, 2012. 

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True! The Euro crisis had it's beginnings with the gangster capitalists on Wall St.

Joan I'm sure you said something recently about unregulated capitalism is just a giant pyramid scheme.

John, I don't remember saying it is a, "giant pyramid scheme" but that is what it is. Working people and small business owners who don't understand that and who join the likes of the Tea Party delude themselves. Is it not interesting that if one is easily deluded by religion, they seem to be more susceptible to delusions of Wall Street. 


Joan My apologies for misquoting you, with all the great discussions you present on here I should have checked.

I agree the religious do seem to accept propaganda from Wall St without question they see freewheeling capitalism as their saviour when the reality is the system keeps them poor.


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