Free will. A warning, god allows people to do evil or deny god of their own free will. Therefore, going to hell becomes the fault of the individual. This amazing revolving circular logic exists as part of god’s teleological plan.  Many claim “god works in mysterious ways”.

Others experience cognitive dissonance as they struggle to follow such a convoluted idea.

Putting Homo sapiens at the apex of a pyramid, to worship god and love him forever, and to expect that by free-will, one earns a ticket to paradise, is an insanely immature, deluded way of thinking.

The real miracle occurs at the beginning; out of heat and water, and chemicals, life began to form, modify, and evolve into all diversity on the planet to the point when humans have the power to destroy all life as we know it.



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one earns a ticket to paradise

Now, if they could just think through that whole paradise concept to it's logical conclusions, they might just wind up having an epiphany that breaks them free from the bonds of religion.  Heaven is touted to be eternal.  I don't care what kind luxurious paradise it is thought to be, if it is eternal it will eventually be a horribly maddening fate.  Nobody deserves to have to exist for trillions of trillions of years without the option to be reinvented into something new.  Once that fog clears, the concept of free will becomes one thousand times more meaningless.

My argument about god giving us free will has always been that it is the equivalent to saying god gave us the wetness of water.  For organisms, the opposite of free will does not exist in nature.  If you ask a theist what the opposite is, they invariably say god could have made us angels, or robots.  One results in the most circular of arguments, the other is an obvious creation of man.

"theist opposite of free will is, 'god could have made us angels, or robots. One results in the most circular of arguments, the other is an obvious creation of man.'"
~ Future
I like that concept




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