Fuat Sezgin: A life devoted to understanding Islam’s golden age of ...

It is getting quite annoying to listen to fundamentalist Jews, Christians and Muslims and hearing their claims of entitlement, and supremacy , or rights of possession. Robert Riddle keeps me well informed on the Israel/Palestine conflict, Dog knows that awful woman, Cindy Jacobs, the other guy, or the old timers, Pat Robertson, etc., cannot produce the kind of citizenry that will bring about healthy, productive, enlightened individuals that we need if we want to flourish. 

There had been periods in history from the times of the Egyptians to the present day, when society empowered people to think and invent and learn. Googling them is relatively easy and very interesting. One theme that keeps coming up for me is that religious fundamentalism and dogma  kills that impulse. 

Just now I am reading about the Golden Age of Islam and wonder why their scientists, and ours and of the world, can't get together and engineer an environment of problem solving: climate change, desertification of agriculture lands, food for all people, bringing water to people, or people to water. There are so many challenges. We have a lot to learn, and we can learn if we stop figuring out how to kill and destroy each other. 

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