'We Are Prepared to Die': Workers in Colombia at General Motors Pla...

Instead of providing medical care and changing the work patterns of injured employees, General Motors fires them.

Colombian employees of General Motors, injured on the job, are tricked and fired. After a year of useless protest, several sew their mouths shut to call international attention to the plight of GM workers.

... GM has fired injured workers, refused to provide compensation and erased medical records.

According to Austin Robles, a Colombia representative for US NGO Witness For Peace, which is supporting Asotrecol, US government involvement in GM makes the case even more shocking. The US government bailed out GM to the tune of more than $50 billion when it filed for bankruptcy in 2009. “The US government promised that it would improve labor rights in Colombia, yet it is one of GM’s largest shareholders,”... [emphasis mine]

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I'm so glad I don't buy any of their cars. Dispicable!




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