Genesis Chapter 2, Grayling, A. C. (2011-04-05). The Good Book (pp. 1-2). Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Kindle Edition.

Genesis Chapter 2  

1. Those who first set themselves to discover nature’s secrets and designs, fearlessly opposing mankind’s early ignorance, deserve our praise;  

2. For they began the quest to measure what once was unmeasurable, to discern its laws, and conquer time itself by understanding.  

3. New eyes were needed to see what lay hidden in ignorance, new language to express the unknown,  

4. New hope that the world would reveal itself to inquiry and investigation.  

5. They sought to unfold the world’s primordial sources, asking how nature yields its abundance and fosters it,

6. And where in its course everything goes when it ends, either to change or cease.  

7. The first inquirers named nature’s elements atoms, matter, seeds, primal bodies, and understood that they are coeval with the world;  

8. They saw that nothing comes from nothing, so that discovering the elements reveals how the things of nature exist and evolve.  

9. Fear holds dominion over people when they understand little, and need simple stories and legends to comfort and explain;

10. But legends and the ignorance that give them birth are a house of limitations and darkness.

11. Knowledge is freedom, freedom from ignorance and its offspring fear; knowledge is light and liberation,

12. Knowledge that the world contains itself, and its origins, and the mind of man,

13. From which comes more know­ledge, and hope of knowledge again.

14. Dare to know: that is the motto of enlightenment.

Grayling, A. C. (2011-04-05). The Good Book (pp. 1-2). Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Kindle Edition.

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