George W. Bush to Raise Money for Group That Converts Jews to Bring About Second Coming of Christ

George W. Bush to Raise Money for Group That Converts Jews to Bring About Second Coming of Christ
Thanks Matthew Greenberg

Not surprised! Disgusted but not caught off balance!
First, politicians, legislators, and judges, appear to be bought and paid for by some "invisible hand" known as ... I don't know who they are; however, there is an influence that pulls our nation away from a free one to a theocracy. Implanting fear of non-believers, making it unacceptable for freethinkers to speak out in public, has taken years, and it is a fact.

Second, they (whoever "they" are) use fears to intimidate those accustomed to being followers instead of thinkers. They use the Passive Gospel, i.e. yield, pray, obey, submit, acquiesce, relinquish, give allegiance to, forgive, turn the other cheek, crucify yourself daily, rejoice in your crucifixion, etc., to a higher power.

Third, they use promises of life after death that is so wonderful the gullible willingly give up life to achieve some kind of benefit for themselves. Even if killing life as we know it on Earth, they willingly and determinedly put into place those actons that will bring about their promised land.

Fourth, having created a submissive, dependent population, having kept USA an imperialist nation, taking wars to every continent, believing in manifest destiny, they commit genocide. From Native Americans to the Middle East, brave young men and women go off to kill and destroy other peoples while patriots wave their religious and USA flags, cheering them on. Many who give their lives in service of imperialism and those who return home with wounded bodies, minds and spirits, rely on food stamps to survive.

Cynical, you say? No! realistic!

So, what is a realist to do? First of all, come out from behind the curtain that never really provided safety, speak up about the senselessness of those victims who support such nonsense. Find courage and energy and wisdom to speak truth to power. Surely, to do so results in name calling, threats, and other juvenile responses. Consider the source!

The people of the Revolutionary War in 1776 faced opposition and took it on. Freedom is never free, it requires thought and action. The Native Americans who inhabited the Americas took it on. So did the Cubans, and countless other peoples who wanted freedom and received bombs and bullets and poisoned soil, as in Viet Nam and Cambodia, and the Middle East.

The "End Times" means the end of gratuitous grovelling to a non-existent power that never existed. It means discarding Bronze Age mythologies and start thinking of living fully in the here and now.

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