There is something more important to me than god; I have to choose between god and truth. I choose truth. Some people put god and truth on the same level as if they are equal. It is possible for god not to exist; it is not possible for truth not to exit.  Truth does not need god to transform and change the world using its own power. This made truth god’s ultimate master, ultimate judge. The state of the truth determined whether god even existed. If god’s existence does not match the state of truth, then the entire concept of god is worthless. It will simply fall into the graveyard of false ideas. Truth, itself, will carry on, based on it’s own power.

…. 2013-05-29

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Given a choice between something which is both demonstrable and frequently useful as opposed to something which has no apparent existence or utility ... gee whiz, which one should I go for?

Nice reply, Loren.

I agree with Ruth!




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