There is no way I, and I suspect many others, will not stand for such nonsense. Those who are on the fence about atheism vs. agnosticism will jump off the fence and take a stand in favor of rational thought and freedom of/from religion. Too many of us have been harmed because of the policies and practices of religious beliefs.

Where are the moderate church people on this? They have more to lose than we do. Non-believers can take our children out of a public/religious school system. I, for one, would do so in a flash. I don't want my children exposed to the delusions of religious dogma. I don't want them to learn how to be hypocritical in a structured way; they get enough of that just living among the religious.

The foolishness of "Young Earth Creationists" will reveal the fallacies of their beliefs; to impose such teachings, whether in science classes or in social studies classes only weakens the desire and hunger for exploration, experimentation, doubt, and critical thinking. Our children need to question, to expand.

The sad part, those who are wedded to Stone Age beliefs cannot advance physically, mentally or emotionally. To think all children in public/religious schools will be taught mythology as fact fail to understand the value of evolving thought.

I am reposting my comment on Twitter and Facebook; thank you matthew greenberg. I would like to see your comment on those sites as well. If you do not want to post yours, may I?

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As I stated on Matthew Greenberg's post, my suspicion is that this is a purposeful effort to put the issue of "In Dog We Trust" before the US Supreme Court.  In addition, there's also the matter of the current case seeking to remove "under god" from the Pledge of Allegiance, on the grounds that it discriminates against atheists.

At some level, I wonder if the ultimate goal of the theists and their god-declarations is to have it legally found that the US IS a christian nation and nullify the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

It wouldn't surprise me.

Perhaps the god-declarers are hoping the Supreme Court will rule that "In God We Trust" is harmless "ceremonial deism" (we've heard that before), which would fly in the face of the Establishment Clause.

For whatever it's worth, I've called my state rep. opposing this. (He's a Democrat and would likely oppose it anyway. The committee vote was almost perfectly along party lines... further evidence that America's two major parties are in fact quite distinct.)

There's plenty of discussion on this in Matthew Greenberg's post "No F'ing Way". Worth reading.




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