GOP’s next moral disgrace?: How right-wing crazies may kill a votin...

With a new vote to expand the Voting Rights Act looming, we're about to learn just how cynical this party really is.

"The 2012 elections were supposed to create the political space Republicans needed to make their agenda more welcoming to growing Democratic constituencies, but instead it pushed conservatives into a deeper defensive crouch, from which they intimidated GOP leaders into squandering just about every opportunity they’ve had to broaden the party’s appeal.

"In some cases, GOP leaders themselves have been reluctant to support the kinds of social and economic policies that might stanch the demographic bleeding that threatens to cost them the White House for another four or eight years.

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul 
(Credit: Jeff Malet, Brandon)

"will the Voting Rights Act fix be like ENDA? Like immigration reform? Or will GOP leadership surprise everyone and adhere to democratic principles, even if it means conservative hard-liners have to grouse among themselves about how poor black people will find it too easy to exercise their franchise." 

emphasis mine. 

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