"Surrounded by sleigh bell-ringing Santa Claus impersonators, Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday signed a law protecting Christmas and other holiday celebrations in Texas public schools from legal challenges - but also stressed that freedom of religion is not the same thing as freedom from religion."


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The Santas in attendance dressed in summer attire rather than their traditional red suits indicate just how ridiculous this whole affair was.  Governor Perry should pass a law that Santa cannot appear in public out of uniform.

Okay ... how long before this bill gets challenged in the Texas court system?  Bets?  Any takers?

Hopefully, there will be more people who make the statement:

"We are fortunate to live in a country where we have the freedom to exercise the religion of our choosing while also being free from having any religion imposed upon us,"
~ Donna Howard, an Austin Democrat, a Unitarian Universalist, gave the Texas House's daily prayer, only stronger.

Also, as more non-believers begin to speak out, others may begin to hear the message.

Religion is free in the US in its proper place, houses of worship.  You can choose to attend or not.  In public places, you are a captive audience and have no choice. Those of us who choose "freedom from religion" have as much right as those who would impose this on us.

When my children were in public school, I remember that Jehovah Witness children had to stay home from school on the day of their class Christmas Party.  How did they feel knowing how much fun their classmates were having celebrating a day they believed in themselves?




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