Will New Climate Regulations Destroy the Economy? (Hint: No.)

No. On the contrary, they might just save it by helping stimulate new technologies and industries and by reducing the risks of climate disruption.

There is a long history of claims that new rules to protect the environment or human health will seriously harm the United States economy. These claims are ... are always wrong.

Wall Street malfeasance is what actually hurts the economy.

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Even the beancounters should support health and environmental regulations:

"These claims are political fodder, they are provocative, and they are always wrong. In fact, the evidence shows the opposite: environmental regulations consistently produce enormous net benefits to the economy and to human health. In 2008, for example, the United States' environmental technologies and services industry supported 1.7 million jobs. The industry at that time generated approximately $300 billion in revenues and exported goods and services worth $44 billion."

(Much more at the entire HuffPost article. Thanks, Ruth, for your concise presentation of the main point!)

I think most of us would happily switch to solar power if it were available. And affordable. Why wouldn't we. Burning fossil fuels has got to stop.
The sooner the better.

It is becoming affordable.

Rachel M. on Monday told of these scary -- and false -- predictions but didn't show this pic.

America will continue screw the 99% until the people who make these false predictions can be prosecuted.




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