Green Party Presidential Candidate Presents a "New Green Deal"

"when you look at the core policies, it's really clear that we have been accelerating in the wrong direction under Barack Obama, as we did under George Bush. And, in fact, on most key policies, when you actually look at them, Barack Obama has embraced the policies of George Bush and even gone beyond them. More massive Wall Street bailout—there were $700 billion under George Bush, $4.5 trillion of monies disbursed to the big banks under Barack Obama, and an additional $16 trillion in essentially free money given away as zero interest loans. Look at the free trade agreements, the undermining of wages in this country, and the continued offshoring of our jobs. These free trade agreements have been expanded by Barack Obama massively over what they were under George Bush, and this transpacific partnership is basically NAFTA on steroids that the president is now negotiating in secret. To look at the war effort, it actually expanded under Barack Obama, between the bombing of Pakistan, which was intensified on day three—. Where was the Republican effort forcing his hand to do that? He wasn't forced. He wasn't forced to bring in Larry Summers, the architect of waste, fraud, and abuse on Wall Street that was responsible for crashing our economy. This is the guy who's brought in. You know, the guy who caused it is not going to be the guy who's going to fix it. To bring in Jeffrey Imelt to be the head of the jobs council. Jeffrey Imelt, the CEO of GE who has single-handedly closed more factories and laid off more workers than any other person in this country has been elevated to be the jobs czar in this country. To look at the attack on our civil liberties, on climate, where Barack Obama has embraced drill, baby, drill and gone far beyond anything that George Bush could get away with, including opening up more offshore oil, the attack on the environment of the Arctic and our national parks, the green light to fracking, the opening up of a whole new generation of nuclear power plants as well, I mean, this president has gone so far beyond what George Bush was able to get away with, because there's real resistance when you have a Republican in office. When you have a reassuring and endearing Democrat at the helm, it silences opposition."

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Yeah, as a member of the Green Party this is why I haven't been enthusiastic about Obama, while loathing Romney.

I would have to agree Ruth - I'm disappointed as well in the current administration.


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