If this doesn't turn one off to meat processing and consumption, nothing will.

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Chris, this very talented photographer offers images that disturb and challenge one to think about all the unintended consequences of profit intended enterprises. I followed this fellow through interviews and videos. He is one to whom we must pay attention. Thanks. Sharing. 

The worlds population has more than doubled in my life-time. If there were still only 3 billion people on the planet, factory farming would not be necessary. The incidence of factory farming is directly related to population growth. Therefore, the amount of factory farming will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

Our species is now a parasite, vermin destroying the natural habitat and other life. The only way to stop it is to cull 3 or 4 billion homo sapiens now. A 'final solution' for the the natural world.

Or, maybe you could just stop eating meat?

I like that answer Dogly. 

Too little too late.

Unhappily, Homo sapiens, a "parasite, vermin destroying the natural habitat and other life." Perhaps a cull is necessary, however, I do think with some public education people can come together for a common purpose to find solutions that will work. Or, maybe I am just dreaming. 

If there were still only 3 billion people on the planet, factory farming would not be necessary.

Also not necessary if the people are vegan. 

I am not vegan; however, I had to stop eating beef, pork and chicken because my stomach isn't tolerating these proteins with chemo. I have become anemic and am taking more iron and eating more vegetables high in iron. I am having to learn how to create menus with non meat proteins. It is a learning process.  

I get protein from eating lots of vegetables, quinoa and amaranth.  I take a multimineral supplement that gives me the rda of all minerals. 

The anemia from chemotherapy can be severe.  Amgen makes some drugs to counteract it.

Well?  Will it?  Or will NOTHING?  Actually this video is mild.  It is very far from those that reveal the conditions meat eaters allow.  YOU don't allow it?  What have you done to stop it? Will you stop paying for it?

Yes, agri-business results from 7,173,432,400+ world population and growing exponentially. Eating lower on the food chain provides the obvious first option accompanied by lower birth rates. Wars and diseased do not make up for new live births. 

Laura and Larry plan to start raised-bed vegetable and fruit gardens and have lots of horse manure to give them nutritious soils. They already have some clover to use as added nutrition soil building. They've cut back drastically on meat consumption and we have been exploring alternative protein sources. It is a beginning project that comes about from educating themselves about their needs and the world nutrition needs. Knowing we cannot solve the world problems, we can make alternative choices and share ideas and information with others. 

There are so many wild predators, they have pretty much given up on chickens and small animals to eat the forest undercover, even as they explore ways to naturally maintain a fire-safe forest environment in which they live. They clear about 100 feet from all the buildings and keep the brush down. Wild turkey flocks come through and scratch the ground, keeping the bug populations down. Deer come to the clearings, and I had breakfast with one this morning. We watched each other as we nibbled our morning foods. 

Predator cougars, coyotes, raccoons, skunks and bear walk through on occasion and kill poultry, cats and small dogs. Barn cats seem to develop an ability to escape, with a few exceptions that made us cry at the losses. A wonderful little bantam hen they named One-A-Day because she laid one egg a day in the barn. We found her feathers scattered outside the barn, victim of a raccoon. 

The natural world, with its beak and claw existence, makes life even more precious. We observe in wonder at the ways critters adapt and cope with risks. Life implies death. Over population imply famine, diseases and wars. 

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