If this doesn't turn one off to meat processing and consumption, nothing will.

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Mao Zedung?, he encouraged all Chinese to have as many children as possible. This policy continued until 1970.Link.

So he didn't have vision but he still had balls.

These people don't look Chinese. ;-)   Napoleon, from this photo, I assume you think that just nice white people like you will be doing the culling.  And these nice white people will still think they can have more than one child, after having killed others to make room!  Your ideas scare me.

You know what they say Dogly ? 'If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.'

I'm pointing out with reference to 'Earth Overshoot Day' that we are using more resources than the Earth can provide and this is critical to our survival because of overpopulation. The human population is spiralling out of control and it will be our doom. This is a much broader issue than vegetarianism and animal welfare.

I seem to have difficulty getting my point across to you.

I hope you aren't saying I am a racist. I have a reputation as a non-racist and am prepared to protect my reputation by litigation.

61% of farmland production is fed to the animals you eat.  Stop this waste, and you have more than twice as much food for humans.  Why would you prefer to kill people than to give up meat?  I did not call you a racist.  But, just what percentage of the human race (the only human race) do you want to cull?  Do you now have, or plan to have, children?

It works to go vegan and have more farmland and food for humans, but when you've realized that, then....  people just go on reproducing until stopped by common sense (and that's hard to come by), famine, war or both. I really don't see a decent way to stop our population from growing.

Dogly, where did you get the statistics ?

You are beating around the bush if you think that encouraging vegetarianism will save the natural world from destruction. The Earth is already overpopulated in terms of natural resources available and the population will continue to skyrocket indefinitely.

Why would I prefer to kill people than give up meat ? Do you recognise cynicism ? Have you a sense of humour ?

Anyway, what happened to your pet mallard ? Did you get that recipe I sent you ?

The human population is spiralling out of control and it will be our doom. This is a much broader issue than vegetarianism.

Our use of animals is a big part of the problem though.  This is often not mentioned in discussions of global warming and energy.  Vegan diets are better for global warming

Large animal husbandry is especially energy-intensive. 

Also there's a looming problem with water supplies in the dry western part of the USA, and animal husbandry is a big part of that. 

I seem to have difficulty getting my point across to you.

If you say things in a shocking way, people will focus on their shock and not on your message.  I take it as a kind of dark humor but apparently not everyone does. 

Napoleon, you wrote, "we have made a fatal mistake along the way." I agree, and I believe the mistake was developing a religious belief that Abraham and his tribe have a covenant with god that they have dominion over the Earth and all that swims, crawls, walks and flies. Exploitation of people, flora, fauna, air, water, soils, and ideas allowed them to murder, plunder, rape, and those early tribal people passed their beliefs on to future generations and will not end until life on Earth, as we know it, ends.   

Can we stop these lies? Maybe not.

We have options: beg, plead, cry, whine, turn the other cheek, acquiesce, demand, kill them off, refuse to yield, or give up. 

1. We know the problem: beliefs based on fallacies. 

2. We identify our goals: freedom from fallacious beliefs. 

3. We list our options; there are probably more. 

4. What has the highest probability of getting us from where we are to where we want to be. I would have to include taking into account moral and ethical means. How can I claim to be better than they when I use their means to reach our ends? 

5. How will we know we are successful in our efforts to gain freedom from tyranny? 

We, believers and non-believers, surely know we are all in this together and if we are to succeed at maintaining and sustaining life we will have to put down our differences and work together to a common goal. 

I have encountered many meat eaters, who, like Mr. Bonaparte, find the prospect of killing lots and lots of those "other people" preferable to the great hardship of giving up animal flesh.  On a site promoting life extension to 200 years, some enthusiasts for this "final solution" prefer to kill the people in "third world countries" rather than make a slight change in their eating habits.  Are there any other suggestions of groups of "other people" we should kill rather than accept for ourselves the great sacrifice of giving up that which never belonged to us in the first place, the bodies of other earthlings?



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