House Republican Tells Furloughed Federal Workers To Take Out Loans...

That comment,  "Furloughed Federal Workers To Take Out Loans to Pay Their Bills" is the most foolish statement I have read in a very long time. When banks and financial institutions capsized the economic boats of not only USA, but endangered other financial institutions as well, they were not told To Take Out Loans to Pay Their Bills! How many trillions of dollars were supplied them? The amount is so high I can't get my mind around it.  When the housing bubble burst, the lenders had no mercy on mortgage holders, why should mortgage holders go farther into debt because the financial industry is so corrupt and the government can't seem to manage its budget and live within its means.  

Congress authorizes the budget, in effect saying, "We agree to pay for this or that!" and then refuses to pay the already allocated funds.  I make a purchase of a house or car or groceries and put it on a credit card, I can't refuse to pay the amount owed plus interest.

We need more women in government who have had to successfully run a household on a limited budget;  they can't do any worse than the very strange money managers in public office.

"The reason why this government shutdown is killing the Republican Party is that it is exposing the Republicans for who they really are. Out of touch millionaires like Steve Pearce don’t understand why the government shutdown is hurting people. I suspect that Mr. Pearce is blaming the furloughed workers for their own plight. He assumes that they could get through the shutdown just fine if they would run over to the bank and get some more money. That’s easy, right?" 

House Republican Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM)

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I especially agree with "we need more women in government who have had to successfully run a household on a limited budget."




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