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It is my opinion that we skip the goals of the BNC and go straight to the implementation of the RBE. Can someone here explain to me why a strong supporter of the BNC would say to me that the RBE is a great idea, but it will never fly unless we implement the BNC first? Is it their bias for the BNC that would make them say that, or are they right in that we need to implement the BNC first before there can be enough support for the RBE. I don't know.

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BIG MONEY supports the members of Congress and BIG MONEY has the resources to keep their people in office. The general public can't or won't match the funding that BIG MONEY can. 

If there is a groundswell of individuals who support a Brand New Congress, then money will not matter. The CHURCH supports the present congress and they have the resources of the pulpit to keep the present congress. 

Do you see anyone who can lead a movement for a BNC? I don't. 

Middle-Class voters who lose jobs, insurance, and retirement plans create a large population but too many of them like the dictatorial, dominating, authoritarian nature of Trump. Even the loss of jobs pulls voters Trump's way! 

Go figure!

Thanks for the candid response, Joan. They profess that the candidates they sign up do NOT accept money from what they call dark money - money from corporate lobbyists nor from billionaire PACs. I am a nay sayer too. I don't think they will succeed. I had high hopes for the unsatisfied multitude to embrace the RBE. But alas I am one man without a mega-voice. My push for the RBE is just a pebble tossed into the ocean, the ocean don't care, doesn't even know about the pebble.

I wasn't familiar with "RBE"; are you talking about a moneyless "Resource-Based Economy" as described at ?

A big YES.

I think any kind of radical change, whether in government or society, is highly unlikely and indeed approaching impossibility at this departure.  The level of polarization in the current discourse makes small changes hard enough as it is, and plenty of oxen will be at least alleged to be gored by those with vested interests in the current system.  Right now, I think we have to be satisfied with the advice Ted Arroway gave to his daughter, Ellie, in the movie, Contact:

"Small moves, Ellie, small moves..."

I think that the definition of a revolution is one big move to change everything. I love the movie: Contact but i digress. A revolution takes enough people who are totally dissatisfied. With so many people SUPPORTING Trump, it dashes my hopes of implementing RBE during the Trump administration. Maybe after Trump utterly destroys this country, they will see the light. When the air, land, and water are too polluted to support the masses, maybe then they will unite against corrupt politicians. What do you think will it take to implement RBE? Will such a situation never happen? So sad to be so close to the perfect answer and have it thrown in the trash heap of peoples' minds.

AT, the small moves will have to include a decades-long functioning RBE.

Workplace democracy, or employee ownership, has long been proving its worth.

When those who have been laid off because of lack of sales of goods and services, when health insurance dries up, when pensions evaporate as people get older and expect to receive the benefits they paid into and were promised, when the cost of food rises to a level beyond the ability of people to buy, when water becomes more scarce and more expensive, when shops close their doors due to lack of sales, when auto manufacturing in this country and others end because of lack of sales, When the Upper Middle Class can no longer afford their life-style, when the wealthy build fences around their homes and developments, when hospitals can't serve all the people who need service because of lack of income, when young people can't support the style of living their parents gave them, then, there will be riots in the streets, demands for the ability to earn enough to buy grown up toys, i.e., cars, fancy homes, education for their kids, health care, vacations, and the other things that priveleged young people want, the firebrands will stir up crowds and storm the institutions that exploit them. I would like to see those young people find non-violent means to get the quality of life to which they feel entitled. Alas, it will not be so. 

Store closures rocked retail in 2017, and more should come in 2018.

I hope that people will be aware of RBE and reminded of it when they decide to riot.




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