How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless and the Middle...

Our government is broken, not an institution where solution to problems occur, nor conflicts negotiated. Partisan politics rules the day and both Democrats and Republicans have not performed their jobs, nor has the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. I shall vote, but not for Republicans or Democrats, but for people who recognize problems, explore together for options, develop action plans, and work together to see that people come before profits, that such inequality of income changes and opportunity for all members of our society is able to participate, to work, earn a living wage, to have a health safety net under them, that education and retirement funds become stabilized. 

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Yeah I think there's a big problem with all the parties!

I agree that the US two party system is broken. My joining the Green party was a futile gesture, politically useless since laws make it virtually impossible for any third party to compete, excepting in local elections.

A "futile gesture", perhaps. It guarantees a person of one of the two parties will win and probably not the best of the two. One option is to not vote; Another is to vote Green; and another is to write in a choice. However we vote, I think the nation is in a real downward spiral and will not recover until and unless Democrats and Republicans begin to think critically, and look outside their pretty little boxes.

The Democrats went crazy!! Did you see the video!

Steph, I haven't watched any of it because it is irrelevant! Politicians say what their constituents want to hear and then when it comes to charging bankers and financial institutions with crimes against the citizens they remain silent. Is it because they agree with what they (bankers) are doing? or because bankers are too strong? or because politicians need their $ support? or because politicians benefit by the decisions made by bankers, and the Congress is in on the take as well. 

I hate writing this; what is happening is fitting a pattern of failed republics, from Rome and Greece to USA. 

We listen to people who don't know or remember history. We listen to entertainers who have ways with words that attract sheep. Even educators don't remember history. Just try to have an intelligent conversation with many elementary teachers and they teach the propaganda; if they don't they are fired. 

CRITICAL THINKING! Professors started a campaign while I was teaching at our local college to implement critical thinking in all our courses. The nurses agreed, because their discipline requires thinking from evidence. Many other disciplines objected. 

As a child, I learned about fairness and justice and opportunity; as an adult I witnessed the failure to live up to those ideals and participated in the Civil Rights movement and marched and protested against racism, then sexism. The struggle continues.

I reject capitalism and free enterprise. There never has been a level playing field or equality of opportunity. Some of history's greatest thinkers have come from the working class, yet they easily become squashed under the boot of politics. 

I would love if someone could prove me wrong; we all benefit by correcting erroneous beliefs. 




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