I seem to be getting a lot more private conversations from people asking question instead of criticizing me or telling me I am doomed to burn in hell for my beliefs or that I can't have a moral core without god. One question that frequently comes up is the inerrancy of the bible. Looking at the history of how it evolved over centuries, and the numbers of interventions to produce it, we can get a clearer idea of how and why it is an inadequate document upon which to base ones's life.

MUST WATCH. How the bible got changed. Misquoting Jesus Speech at Stanford by Bart Ehrman.

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Joan, you know this as well as I do, but anyone who wants to spout on about the supposed inerrancy of the bible need look no further than the phenomenal collection of contradictions compiled and available through The Skeptic's Annotated Bible.

And sure, we've both heard the crap about: "Oh, but you have to read the word in the Spirit, and then there are no contradictions at all!" ... to which I respond, "Okay ... how did Judas die?  Did he spill his guts out in a field (Acts 1:18) or did he hang himself (Matthew 27:5)?  He could NOT have done both!"  And that's just one example out of entirely too many...

I know! When challenged to look at discrepancies, some know only the "Loving, Peaceful God" without any awareness of the many blood curdling stories from Genesis to Revelations. The "spirit" of the scriptures differ significantly from what preachers and teacher reveal to the public and far too many do not read the bible for themselves. I don't see how any person with a moral or ethical core can read those chapters and verses without wretching. The spirit to which they refer is just one more delusion infecting their brains. 

Right on.!




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