How to Bring Economies Back After a Natural Disaster

With confrontational politics, huge and growing income gap in the economic sphere, and with powerful attempts to end progressive programs and thought, we face incredible challenges if we want our country to grow. I think the voice of reason has to step up to the plate and make itself visible. It isn't enough to complain about the regressive right wing of economics, politics and religion. We need the voices of problem solving, conflict resolution and cooperative effort.

I would start with secular values challenging in dogmatic values.

"The trauma to the region’s infrastructure was monumental. The New Jersey Transit Authority rail operations center, inundated by seven feet of water, lost 74 locomotives and 294 rail cars (its repair bill would constitute $400 million of the $2.9 billion losses in the state’s transportation system). A nine-foot storm surge in Lower Manhattan flooded eight tunnels, destroyed the South Ferry Whitehall Street subway station, and caused $7.5 billion in damage. Airlines canceled 20,500 flights in the six days before and after the storm. Shipping came to a standstill, reducing fuel imports dramatically. Further, nine million households and businesses were without power. Within three days, the region, especially New York was paralyzed by a gasoline shortage."

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