It doesn’t matter whether you believe in Marx or the John Birch Society, compound interest works the same way for both. Capital is about acquiring and accumulating wealth and then deploying it for productive purposes. The difference is how excess wealth is distributed. 

There is a relationship between the end of a source of cheap and abundant energy and wealth. We are in a period of wealth destruction and capital destruction caused by the tremendous amount of accumulated debt, private and public. Cheap energy is over. We accumulated debt expecting wealth to continue forever. Debt is loans that will not be paid back because the wealth isn't there, it destroys capital, and ends the ability to invest in the future.

Even if we find more oil, we can’t burn it because it destabilizes weather beyond our ability to control. People ought to know better. We are going into a compressive deflationary depression then a hyperinflation where currency becomes worthless.

Occam's Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct.

Either we continue to delude ourselves that we can behave as we have been, borrowing on the expectation that wealth continues as it has, or we can face reality, and  individually make changes in our life styles that frees us from living up to the Jones' and taking charge of our own wealth. 

Delusions abound. They are all around us. Just one example of delusions gone wild, so wild, he is a comic ... not intentionally:

"Assemblywoman Shannon Grove hosts Lord Christopher Monckton at California State University- Bakersfield. Lord Monckton shares why the Fallacies of Global Warming Theory are going to cost you so much."

Lord Christopher Monckton presents "Fallacies about Global Warming".

YUK!   And, in rebuttal:


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Thanks Joan - I would love to read these. Yes, there are many people who do not believe in Climate Change.




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