At the risk of being labeled an iconoclast, I believe it is imperative we challenge religious beliefs that impact our lives. Perfect examples of what I mean are the issues of contraception and abortion.

The Roman Catholic Church bans contraceptives and abortion. Many protestant religions ban abortion. 

The Earth is at a tipping point on many dimensions. Peak oil has already occurred and even though it is possible to suck more oil out of shales, to burn it means adding more CO2 to the atmosphere.

Peak drinkable water has already been reached and we are now looking to desalination in order to provide this basic necessity of life. There is a strong attempt to privatize water, leaving the possibility of limited or restricted access to water by the poor.

Peak air quality began to be addressed decades ago, even as we keep pumping pollutants into it, to our own detriment.

Peak ocean farming has not occurred yet but is a primary concern of futurists and scientists around the world. Selling carbon rights is foolish. 

Of all problems facing us none other is more important than control of population growth. It is time we challenge the religious dogmatism of attempting to dictate the sexual and reproductive lives of the world.


Gregory Clark's fantastic A Farewell To Alms.

Chris Martenson, Crash Course


iconoclast |īˈkänəˌklast|


1 a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.

2 a destroyer of images used in religious worship, in particular

• historical a supporter of the 8th- and 9th-century movement in the Byzantine Church that sought to abolish the veneration of icons and other religious images.


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