If You Thought Citizens United Was Bad, Wait for This Supreme Court...

"A Supreme Court ruling in favor of Shaun McCutcheon would set the stage for totally eliminating remaining campaign-finance laws."

On October 8, the Supreme "Court takes on the next big campaign finance case, McCutcheon v. FEC, a challenge to the overall contribution limits for individual donors to candidates and parties, limits that were institutionalized in the Buckley v. Valeo decision in 1976 that undergirds Court jurisprudence on campaign finance."

In the wake of the devastating drought, the worst since the Great Depression, the chaos and dysfunction of the farm bill leaves farmers with tough choices and could cause rise in proteins and dairy products.  With the hypocritical action of Congress to slash food stamps, even in the face of high unemployment and underemployment, the nutritional health of our citizens is in peril. Cutting government spending by taking away supports for food, housing, and medical is criminal, even as the wealthy few of our citizens grows richer with each slash of social services. Weakening of labor unions, those who work for wages even as they produce the goods and services of our nation, leaves them vulnerable.

It feels as though the wealthy sit back in their fine homes, eating gourmet foods, riding in gas-guzzling cars and living a life of luxury, as they laugh at the masses of hungry, homeless people. It is easy to become cynical and want to tear down the system that created this chaos. The have-nots who produce our products and services can easily turn into an unruly mob set on destruction; they have nothing to lose. 

"McCutcheon will tell us soon enough whether Citizens United was a one-time occurrence or part of a broader, surreptitious plan to demolish the long-standing campaign finance regime and create a Wild West in politics, done in a few large incremental steps. McCutcheon would be step two. If it happens, expect steps three and four, which would eliminate all contribution limits and allow corporations to give directly to candidates and parties. And then brace yourselves for a political system that will make the Gilded Age look like the a golden era of clean politics."


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Corporations already own US politicians through unlimited back door contributions. This would legitimize their ownership, make it seem like the right thing to do.




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