The institutions of my culture: family, religion, education, economics and politics bound my mind from birth through adulthood even as they claimed to know what was best for me and good for me. They were cripplers of the first order. It was the institutions that limited my vision and my ambition. My family was the first barrier from which I had to become free.  

 Christopher Hitchens and men and women with the freedom to think, reason, explore, examine, and experiment tore away the bindings that bound me to the traditions and fallacious values based upon them.

 Freed from fear, one can open to, not only the “normal” or “prescribed” possibilities available to each one of us, but to the preferred and healthy ones.

 Freed from hope in an imaginary rescuer, a human-made creation of an unknowable, un-seeable, un-testable being and place, awakens the awareness of self-responsibility, that life has no meaning other than what each one of us creates, that moral and ethical behavior comes from inside, and that we are community-oriented beings living in relationship and on a planet that has limited resources.

 Earth does not exist for Homo sapiens sapiens to dominate or exploit or manipulate. Earth began before humans evolved, and Earth will remain after humans destroy life as we know it. 

"If you want to be awe inspired.." Christopher Hitchens

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A succinct comparison of the values of doubt and inquiry versus absolute certainty. Thanks, Joan.

Can't get enough of him...thanks.




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