Imagine No Religion 3: Victor Stenger

Stenger is difficult to hear his words. His written words often seem as difficult to read and to hear him speak them. Given that difficulty, he is well worth the effort to understand. Here are a few sentences easy to decipher, and the time when he made them:

35:45  “Now, what about god?” “Imagine god who created us, it is ridiculous to … “Take humanity, who came along only 100,000 years ago,  and we will be lucky if it lasts another 100,000 years, is a special creation, of a ? that ? over this vast ?."  (See what I mean? If you can understand his words, good for you!) 


37:15  “Jesus, who presumably died on a cross to redeem humanity from the terrible sin of Adam and Eve who ate from the tree of knowledge, terrible thing! 


37:33  “So, if a Christian god is presiding over all of this, then Jesus must be continually dying on a cross every nanosecond or two on some planet. It would mean every form of life that evolved efficiently enough to develop knowledge." (Stenger is talking about the multiverse)  


38:30  “The multiverse is determined, as far as we know. Always was, always will be, had no beginning and no end.  Which means there is no creation, if there is no creation there is no creator.


39:18   Creationists, “will inevitably fall back on what they think is the clincher, that is: how can you get something from nothing? Here is what I recommend, you don’t give them Larry Krauss’ book who tries to tell you how you can get something from nothing, his argument is completely ?

"It didn’t have to come from anything!"

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