My response to Todd: to claim, as you do by writing, “insulting these people for being upset about abortion or gay rights”. 

Those who oppose Christian Taliban do so through language. These are not insults or put-downs or trivialization or demonizations, they are descriptors: abortion and gay rights are not political questions to be answered by politicians, they are individual human rights and violence is not used as a tool to achieve these aims, language is the tool.

Individuals have the responsibility to live within the laws of the land and if one disagrees with the laws, then they can work to change them. We have already asked the question about whether abortion is legal or not and the Supreme Court decided women have the right to control their own bodies. Obviously, there are those who disagree with the abortion decision and they have the right and responsibility to work to change the law. 

Look at the history of anti-abortion believers; they include assaults, blocked access of women to health care, name calling, and murder, all crimes against people, in addition to destruction of property, through arson, and vandalism. 

Remember the crimes committed by those who took part in illegal behaviors and defend the use of whatever means necessary to achieve their ends? They perceived themselves as justified to commit homicide in defense of unborn children. This is only a partial list but do their crimes justify their means? Eric Rudolph, James Kopp, Paul Jennings Hill, Scott Roeder, Michael Griffin and Peter Knight. Do you hear the silence of the religious in response to their crimes? I do! Do the ends justify the means? 

Christian terrorism is a political weapon used against women’s rights and Gay rights.  Christian Taliban members are willing and able to use violence to achieve their ends. 

Does this make any sense? In my opinion, it is my responsibility and right to describe their attitudes, behaviors, speech and action as I see them. No insult intended. Descriptions based on facts are not insults.

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Oh yes, and at peace. Well, it is past midnight, I'm off to bed and hope you, too, have a splendid weekend. 

Sounds like a nice life and one well balanced. I like your photo, very blue eyes. 

Hope you have a good weekend with lots of nice, loving, happy moments. 

 Prepare for the storm and find peace and joy everywhere I can find it.


Words to live by.

Sentient, I put a nice bucket of compost over your potato onions, or maybe I told you that already. Do you have big projects this weekend or is the weather pulling you inside? 

Good night everyone. 


For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear

Thanks to Sentient Biped. Important information that should not be ignored. It becomes even more important that many of our political and economic problems be resolved with policies that empower individuals to stand for fairness and justice. The Religious Right presents a powerful challenge, but not an impossible one. 

Pro-Active action focusing on such things as getting off fossil fuels, developing sustainable, clean, safe energy alternatives, dispersal of energy sources over wide ranges in order to reduce the risk of dam failures, and electric grid failures and reduce nuclear energy until and unless safe storage of spent fuel develops. 

Also growing flowers.  And trees.   :)

“I hope we don't have to start a war to siphon off able bodies into the military and keep them from agitating here.”

Via  Sentient Biped 

Sentient, would it not be nice to see all our gun-toting military bring their weapons home, take off their hand grenades, and pick up shovels, hammers, screwdrivers, saws and work to clean up all the storm damages that has occurred throughout the country and turn those pieces of ground into green zones, bird and wildlife zones? 

Joan, sounds wonderful to me.  

this NewYorker article makes a point:  Hostess may have been on the way out anyway, due to inability to adapt to a changing market.” 

Via  Sentient Biped 

That is the way I read the events, Sentient. Wonder Bread and Twinkies have lost market share and have filed several bankruptcies. No doubt the business was failing. Putting blame on unions for failure of the company easily occurs because most people don’t remember the background. If the public blames unions, further weakening them to become impotent, other workers will acquiesce and work for poor wages as profits climb for investors. How does a widening gap in income help anyone in the long run?


“It's criminal that pensions are considered an archaic concept.  What a corrupt world corporations have created.”

Via  Sentient Biped 

Yes, pensions were agreements between corporations and workers that workers would work for smaller wages, putting that money into an account to accrue interest and to be used  after retirement. After spending years working to accumulate money for retirement it was too easy for corporations to back out of their obligation. Retired workers fulfilled their part of the bargain, some corporations did not. 

Glad you have some security!  I am trying not to keep all of my eggs in one basket, too.  The future is not an easy thing to predict.




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