Guess the answers to these questions, then check the link to see how many you got right.

1.  U.S. companies in total pay a smaller percentage of taxes than

  • A. the top earning 1%
  • B. the lowest - income 40%
  • c. the lowest-income 20% of Americans

2. The high-profit, tax-avoiding tech industry was built on

  • A. productivity from think tanks
  • B. inventive genius funded by start up investors
  • C. publicly-funded research

3. When a quadrillion dollars is traded, it generates how much in tax revenue?

  • A. a billion dollars
  • B. 550,000 dollars
  • C. no revenue

4. For every dollar in securities held in the United States, only a one and  half cents is held by

  • A. the bottom 90%
  • B. the bottom 25 %
  • C. the bottom 10%


Some Outrageous Facts About Inequality

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"...One nation, divided against itself, 
 With invasive airport searches and inequality for all."

Hey! You didn't tell us how many you got right.

All of them.

I get financial updates from a group called "The Other 98%" from time to time....and right now I'm in the kind of mood (about other issues) that I just picked the worst possible answers.

Ruth, I may be wrong, but this doesn't seem to be the America I knew as a child...where everybody (or most everybody) worked together for the common good, who willingly put up with things like gasoline and food rationing because we were fighting a war on the other side of the planet.

The extreme right wing has replaced the common good ethic in the US. See

Conservatives Are Hitting Rock Bottom

IMO conservatives hit rock bottom more than 12 years ago...when they tried to impeach Pres. Clinton for something so trivial that late-night comedians got more mileage from the details than the GOP did. And cost the taxpayers millions.

I have been wondering for years why people who call themselves conservative are anti-conservation (among other things).

I just printed that article (7 pages!), and am going to go get comfortable so I can study it.

When I want to really digest an online article I do that too. Apparently we all read 25% more slowly at the computer than with treeware. Also, I like to highlight and write comments for myself.

Conservative Anti-Conserving is ironic.

Do you remember Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watt, who thought it would be just dandy to sell off the natural resources in our national parks and wildlands because....get this....Jesus was going to "come back any minute" and the world would end , anyway?


And do you remember why he was finally "asked" to resign?

Oh! I remember all too well. I also remember the cuts to education and social services. 



James Watt ... that incredible douche bag.  Hell, I recognized him even before I saw the stuff above here!

LOL!  I think he's worse than a douche bag.  But do you remeber WHY he was finally fired ("requested to submit his resignation")? 

He pissed Nancy off!  One 4th of July he forbade the Beach Boys to perform at the Mall celebration because the were "immoral" or some such.  Mrs. Reagan happened to be a major fan of thiers, in fact, I think she was the one who wanted them to be there in the first place.

"There hasn't been one sane decision out of he White House in 50 years."  RAH

I remember the fooforaw with the Beach Boys.  I did NOT know that was what got him fired!

Sail On, Sailor!




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