Inflation Isn't Evenly Distributed: The Protected Are Fine, the Unprotected Are Impoverished Debt-Serfs

Inflation Isn't Evenly Distributed: The Protected Are Fine, the Unp...

The "Need" items become priced out of working class range while the "Want" items distract us from what happens to our economy. 

"Those fully exposed to the skyrocketing costs of healthcare insurance and higher education are being reduced to impoverished debt-serfs."

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How often do we buy TVs, toys for grownups, software, cell phones, new cars?

How often do we need money for healthcare, childcare, college tuition, textbooks?

Items that decline in price are modest slices of household budgets, while items that are soaring higher every year are big-ticket expenses that dominate household budgets. So a new TV drops in price by $100. If you buy a new TV every four years, that's $25 savings per year. Big Freakin' Deal: that deflationary price "bonus" means you can buy one extra pizza.

Meanwhile, households exposed to the actual cost of healthcare are absorbing increases of $5,000 or more annually. $5,000 increases every year add up: $5,000 + $10,000 + $15,000 + $20,000 = $50,000 was extracted from the household budget over the four-year period.

The household paying the unsubsidized cost of higher education is paying tens of thousands of dollars more for the same marginal-value education. Where a four-year college degree once cost the equivalent of a new car (i.e. $30,000), now it costs the equivalent of a house ($120,000 and up). 

So a retiree with a small fixed-rate mortgage in a state with Prop 13 limits on property tax increases who qualifies for Medicare may complain about modest increases in co-pays for office visits and medications totaling a few hundred dollars annually, a young self-employed couple might be facing thousands of dollars in rent increases, healthcare insurance costs, childcare expenses and so on--each a big-ticket item with a crushing impact on household spending and debt.

Households protected from actual big-ticket inflation by subsidies or luck (i.e. buying a house 30 years ago when prices were a fraction of today's prices) have no experience of real inflation. Only the unprotected, unsubsidized households struggling to pay rising rents, soaring college tuition and fees and skyrocketing healthcare insurance premiums have an unmediated experience of the real inflation ravaging the the U.S. economy."




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