INET's Interview with Charles Ferguson, the Director of "Inside Job"

Legal thefts occurred as well as illegal ones, corruption, aggression, violence, training up a population of voters who believe them and fall for their betrayal . The violence against dissenters didn't stop in the 1960s, it is going on today. Use of violence to quell dissent, loss of privacy, manipulation of markets, exploitation of workers and voters become as their heros: thieves, corrupt, aggressive, violent and expecting wage earners and small business to pay for the ruble they leave behind. Implicit in all this are the churches that preach "success" gospel and teach processes of exploitation and manipulation with the rationale that "we are the chosen ones", we are wealthy and successful because we are worthy; The poor are poor because they are not worthy . Morals and ethics change to put faith in "success" as they define it into operation. This is Social Darwinism in its purest, rawest, most obscene forms. 

"Writer Charles Ferguson poses in the press room of the 2011 Writers Guild Awards on Feb. 5, 2011 in Hollywood, Calif., after winning Best Documentary Screenplay for "Inside Job," which was co-written by Chad Beck and Adam Bolt. (by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)"

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The Abrahamic religions indoctrinate their followers to believe that they are ALL "unworthy," some (women) more than others, based on the "original sin" myth.

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