Inside the GOP: Report on focus groups with Evangelical, Tea Party, and moderate Republicans

Inside the GOP: Report on focus groups with Evangelical, Tea Party,...

If you want to understand the government shutdown and crisis in Washington, you need to get inside the base of the Republican Party. That is what we are doing in the Republican Party Project and these focus groups with Evangelicals, Tea Party, and moderate Republicans. 

All the passion, nuances and divisions found expression when we conducted this work in the

Republicans think Obama and gridlock has won. They think the president fooled and manipulated the public, lied, and has a socialist-Marxist agenda. They think their kind of Americans are losing. 

The words clouds are ranked by size according to the intensity of expression.

The Republican base thinks they are losing politically and losing control of the country. They use words such as in this word cloud to describe their fears and discouragement. 

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I liked Colberts definition last night.  The donkey represents the democrats.  The elephant represents the republicans.  And the flea represents the the tea party cause it's the bug up the republicans ass. 




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