Is There A God?

"Questions For God" series; an interview with outspoken atheist professor Hector Avalos

Is there a god? Former child evangelist read the scripture and apologetics and could find no compelling reason to think there is a god. From that awareness came a journey of discovery that opened, for him, an awareness of life and its processes that far exceeded the claims of Stone Age stories and Broze Age writings. Although his voice is raged from an illness, he makes more sense to me than the most silver-tongued priest, preacher or teacher. 

Hector Avalos 

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The virtue of this man and his statement is that he was open to evidence.  When he began his investigation, there may have been an assumption on his part that his position at that time was going to be reinforced.  What sets him apart from many is that when it wasn't, he was open to that data.  In short, he was willing to have his mind changed.

And that is what sets him apart from so many of the True Believers out there now.

I don't need this wanker at all.

'Are you a complete idiot Avalos ? There are no fucking gods. It's impossible ! Well, I suppose you need to make money like everyone else.'

P52 discussion 

Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History - Part 1 of 2 @ 33.33 of video. 

@  Loren Miller, I like his story and telling of being open to data. There are an awfully lot of us who do not use such strategies. Nice to observe his process. 

Napoleon Bonaparte I know you don't need this wanker, and "There are no fucking gods. It's impossible ! "

I agree, and I find his story compelling. You can very easily block my posts because I am going to be writing a whole lot of this kind of stuff. You know it already so you don't need to read any more of this kind of wank. 

@ Joan I understand, you find his story compelling. You enjoy the story.

I am grateful for your posts. For example, you have informed me about the book and it's author.




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