"There is a display of sameness that kills the human spirit." ~ Iwan Baan

Iwan Baan: Ingenious homes in unexpected places http://on.ted.com/f...

His photography is a window into the world around us. "Iwan Baan is not as interested in what architects build as he is in the beautiful ways that people appropriate the spaces once the planners are gone." He "shows incredible images from communities thriving in ways that seem quite opposite to the uniformity of suburbs. Baan takes us to Chandigarh, India, where people inhabit buildings created by modernist architects Le Corbusier in very different ways than expected; he takes us to Caracas, Venezuela, where an abandoned 45-story building has become a miniature city; he reveals a Nigerian slum built on water; then to a community in Cairo thriving amid recycling heaps; and to an underground village in China. 

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Thanks for posting Joan! Iwan Baan has got an interesting way to look at living - and a familiar accent too ;-)




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