TransCanada Actively Encouraged Torture Tactics to be Used on Peace...

Law enforcement using violence against citizens to protect the interests of the wealthy, Canada's no exception.

Yesterday two Texans, Shannon Beebe and Benjamin Franklin, were subjected to torture tactics at the hands of police under the active encouragement of TransCanada senior supervisors. Beebe and Franklin were exercising their constitutional rights to nonviolent protest when they locked themselves to Keystone XL construction machinery outside Winnsboro, Texas and delayed construction for most of the day. Police began using aggressive pain compliance tactics when a senior TransCanada supervisor named John arrived and actively encouraged it. Torture tactics included; sustained chokeholds, violent arm-twisting, pepper spray, and multiple uses of Tasers, all while blockaders where in handcuffs.

Immediately following TransCanada’s consultation, law enforcement handcuffed the protesters’ free hands to the heavy machinery in stress positions and then subjected to repeated torture tactics by four police officers while TransCanada employees stood by and watched.

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Sorry to hear about my fellow Texans being tortured by police for protesting.

I fear for our country - now protestors are arrested - where is the free speech?

We know we cannot continue as we have been using fossil fuels that contaminate the environment, and we delay the time when we will be forced to find other energy sources that are sustainable and renewable. Tar sands, expensive and dirty, reflect a desperate effort to sustain the status quo, even if it means high costs and more pollution. 

Chris Martenson explains why tar sands oil is not the solution; it creates more problems. 

Crash Course Chapter 17a: Peak Oil




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