Easy Reference Guide to the Koch Brothers' Activities

Koch brothers, fierce opponent of labor rights, employees work "long hours in often hazardous conditions, and some ended up dying on the job. Historians today debate whether Carnegie was a hero or a villain, but it seems unlikely there would have been much debate among his often underpaid, overworked employees."
They ease their conscience with philanthropy, but if making "money off the sweat and tears of people who won't be able to ever enjoy the benefits of the health centers Koch is funding (for lack of affordable insurance) it's at best an empty gesture. And it's worse than that when one considers the hundreds of millions paid in government fines and lobbying efforts that are the very definition of self-serving." 
"Koch brothers are no heroes. They are, like the sweatshop and factory owners of the 19th century, out to fatten their wallets at the expense of the rest of us. And just as Carnegie's workers reacted by protesting at Homestead (a work action brutally put down by private thugs hired by Carnegie's partner), the Occupy Wall Street crowd is reacting to corporate abuses by the likes of the Koch brothers by protesting today." 

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I disagree, what the Koch brothers are doing is far worse than the sweatshop and factory owners of the 19th century. With planetary chemistry changing, Climate Destabilization ramping up to make Earth uninhabitable, they aren't just killing and oppressing a generation to enrich themselves. By backing extreme Climate Denier politicians and climate disinformation in mass media, they are the enemies of all future generations globally.

Well stated and I agree. 


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