"The passion for ethics and truth that lead us into our occupations as clergy also lead us out of religion. When I became a minister, I committed to the truth wherever that might lead. Through my religious studies, I came to know the truth, and the truth set me free."

Joshua Everett, a former Evangelical Pastor in Freethought Today.

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I am fascinated by the life stories of ministers who have left the clergy (and of some who are still trapped in their pulpits, and trying to find a way out.)

They all seem to have one thing in common, the same thing that led almost all of us away from faith and fairy tales: Curiosity. (I love it that the new Mars rover was given that name!)  We all, ex-clergy and lay-people alike, have always wanted to know how things work...how everything from amoebas to galaxies to DNA to Zambonis are put together, and what they do in this universe.

And we each seem to have reached our conclusions on our own.  Nobody knocked on our doors and shoved pamphlets about secular humanism in our hands and/or bent our ears about the wonders of non-belief. 

My trip to freedom started with my fascination with astronomy (since childhood), and the realization that our planet is very tiny thing when compared with our galaxy, and that our galaxy is just like billions of others in a universe so vast that it's difficult to imagine.  That's why videos like the one I posted in "Hang With Friends" give me such an emotional lift.

Then I read the buybull...again...from cover to cover, and came to the conclusion that the people who wrote it believed that the Earth was flat, with corners, and a solid lid ("firmament") with little lights in it. I wondered for a short time why the all-knowing, all-powwerful god of the Hebrews didn't tell them the truth about our own solar system, let alone our "Pale Blue Dot" in space. They didn't even know Jack Schidt about the rather large continents on the other side of the Earth because they didin't know there was another side.

By the time I was a few pages into Revelation, I thought, "This guy is on some kind of acid trip," but plowed on to the end anyway, knowing that the whole thing was preposterous...man-made...and that I didn't need that crap anymore.

Archaeology, Anthropology, Cosmology, and the Human Genome Project are much more wonderful and awe-inspiring than listening to some clown pontificate from the same old book week after week, repeating the same old stories about some back-country dude walking on water and causing a ruckus in the temple in Jerusalem (things that no historian ever noticed).

THIS beats made-up miracles any day.   

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Sk8eycat, you say it so well; life is more interesting than mythology. Including the Earth-rise over Moon's horizon still thrills me.  When I saw that, my perspective changed. 

Today was cooler, very nice with a cool breeze and lots of bees in and around everything. They look as though they are preparing for winter food storage. I was too. Harvested some sage, defrosted the freezer to get ready for even more garden produce. 

I hope your weekend is just as you want it to be. Have a great one. 




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